Lauren Shiro : Pianissimo by Lauren Shiro Book Club Extras

Pianissimo by Lauren Shiro Book Club Extras

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Romance, Fiction

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love without boundaries, romance, Nancy Ann Healy, Liz Gavin, Jade Winters

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Book Club Extras Packet includes author bio and photo, title information, covers, discussion starters, and full color printable bookmarks.

Editorial Reviews


So much to enjoy!

reviewed by Shay

This review
is from a gifted ebook reviewer copy.

“The stories
flow together so beautifully, I felt transported back in time to peek into
Agnes and Margaret’s deep and abiding love for each other, and back to the
present day to be with Corinne as she investigated the house she and her
military husband bought just before he shipped out for his last tour of duty. Exciting
and wondrous exploration of a time and situation, written with grace and
delightful style.”

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