Laurel Black : The One-Winged Angel

The One-Winged Angel

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Romance, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Toni Griffin , Pierce Smith, Lauren Kate , Edgar Allen Poe

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Samiel turned back to the now desiccated body on the ground.

This…thing, who begged for his life just a few moments before, was silent. When he died, he was old. He was deathly pale when Samiel lured him here. He was also rich, from what Samiel could tell, while the boy had what he assumed to be absolutely nothing. The man’s eyes were callous, hardened by pride and greed, while this boy was still young, innocent in the ways of the world. But the biggest difference of all was that the boy was still alive. The boy still had a future.

Samiel’s smile slipped. Again, he looked up at the moon. The forest wouldn’t need another sacrifice, not for another year at least. He took another look at his victim, before scoffing.

It was the first time he walked out of the forest.

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