Laurel Black : Seasons


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Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Fiction & Literature

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Toni Griffin , Pierce Smith, Lauren Kate , Edgar Allen Poe

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That morning, he expected to go to his bakery off the corner of Allison.<br> He expected to open for business with little to no interruptions, <br>expected to get ready for the morning and afternoon rushes. He expected <br>one of the local delinquents to drop by and deliver some cupcakes in <br>exchange for some spending money. He expected to take inventory of <br>everything in his store, just before realizing he was out of blueberry <br>muffins. He expected to finish up three wedding cakes with a <br>happy-go-lucky smile and bitter resentment just bubbling below the <br>surface. In other words, he expected to live out an ordinary day in his <br>ordinary life. <br>

What he didn’t expect, however, was to find a monster shivering on the steps of his porch.

He had raven hair, with muddy blue eyes hiding behind his bangs. He was <br>pale and, from the way he was curling up inside himself, frail. Even in <br>the dark, Gavin could make out his emaciated frame and ugly wounds. When<br> the creature looked up at him, he snarled, similar to that of a feral <br>animal. <br>

But what really surprised Gavin were the wings on his back.

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