Laurel Black : Infatuation


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Romance, Fiction & Literature

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Toni Griffin , Pierce Smith, Lauren Kate , Edgar Allen Poe

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There was a strange sense of isolation that shrouded them, but despite <br>that, the two teens nestled in the darkness, welcoming it, embracing it.<br> Neither the rattles from a nearby fence nor the buzzing of their dying <br>phones bothered them. Instead, they remained where they were, strangely <br>content. <br>

One of them was a girl, around fourteen, with tears <br>streaming down her cheeks. The other was a boy, the same age as she was,<br> with an arm wrapped around her. He kept her close, knowing full well <br>she was shivering.

Suddenly, he heard a chuckle. He looked down, and caught the amused expression on her face. “What?” he asked.

“Are they really worth all this?”

He was silent for a few moments as he contemplated her words. He did want <br>to point out that it was her idea to begin with, to not hang out with <br>him out of fear people would think they were dating, especially their <br>crushes. But whether it be because of the age difference, or the fact <br>they were just too stubborn, he couldn’t tell. So he shrugged. “I don’t <br>know.” <br>

“Hey, if this doesn’t work, you wanna get married? So y’know, we don’t end up dying alone?”

He scoffed. “No way in hell. You’re like my sister.”

“You love me.”

“Shut up.”

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