Laura Roberts : Sex and the Underground City (Naked Montreal Book 1)

Sex and the Underground City (Naked Montreal Book 1)

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Romance, Fiction & Literature

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Unique fiction & nonfiction, Douglas Adams, Anaïs Nin, David Sedaris, Jeanette Winterson

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68 pages


Buttontapper Press

Publication Date

March 2013



About the Book    About the Author

What's really going on in the Underground City after dark?

Francesca "Frankie" Parker is Montreal’s go-to tour guide for all things seductive in the Underground City. Business is pleasure for the charming, sophisticated, and tantalizing femme fatale. “Sexy Tourism for Canada’s Fetish Capital” is what her card promises, and mon ami, she delivers.

Toss the travel pamphlets you picked up from the agency and try to hang on to your morals as Frankie takes you by the hand, leading you deep into the Sin City of the North and your wildest fantasies. Tour the absinthe parlors, dungeons and VIP nightclubs. Are you begging for more? Montreal’s sexiest escort is the fixer and happily plays liaison until your every desire is fulfilled. Sex shops, strip clubs, burlesque festivals, and more await those who are willing to ante up. If you haven’t developed a fetish yet, don’t worry – by the time Frankie bids you adieu, you may have a hard time choosing a favorite! She’ll go easy on you and begin with voyeurism. Watch and learn as you explore naked Montreal in Sex and the Underground City.

This is the first installment of a provocative new series by Laura Roberts, author of The Vixen Files. The second, much-anticipated volume, Porn Stars & Peccadillos, is now available.

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