J. William Laundre : Soul Shattering Sex

Soul Shattering Sex

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Health, Self-Improvement

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Lou Paget, Sylvana Thornton, Ian Kemer

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July 25, 2015



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In his only advice on sex to the author, one rainyafternoon, his father commented on a friend’s ongoing divorce where the wife contended that she, mother of eight children, had never had an orgasm in 20 years of marriage. His father sadly shook his head and said that if a woman does not achieve an orgasm, it means that sex to her is just another sticky mess. From this rainy afternoon, came the foundation for this book: Sex has to be a two person journey where each partner in the journey should be committed to satisfying the other. Women have always met this commitment. Should not women expect the same commitment from men? And what does this mean practically? In six chapters and six areas the author reveals the techniques, attitudes and behaviors that separate good lovers from poor ones. He contends that these have to extend beyond the orgasm and beyond the bedroom – since how we treat each other out of bed, the other 99% of the time IS tremendously important to sexual satisfaction for both partners. How can you dramatically improve your chances of having mutually satisfying sexual encounters with your spouse, lover, one-night-friend? You will know after reading in this book about the “complete love making” process that provides you with the missing links that enable you to have soul shattering experiences in bed … every time!

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