Larry Kollar : The Crossover

The Crossover

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Travel & Adventure

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Green Envy Press

Publication Date

Jan. 23, 2013



About the Book    About the Author

The warrior-mage Chelinn and his friend Lodrán have visited many strange places. But when a curse goes awry, sending them to a place where mundane devices have supplanted magic, nothing is familiar at first. Then, after rescuing a merchant, they find themselves embroiled in a far more dangerous situation.

As hundreds of lives hang in the balance, two heroes and their new friends must use all their talents to foil an evil plot — and survive until they can catch a rainbow and return home.

The Crossover brings classic fantasy characters into a modern-day setting. Neither Earth or Termag will ever be the same!

Editorial Reviews

"A fun-filled novella" ... "The main characters were wonderful" ... "The plot was fun and the idea of magic in our world is always a crowd-pleaser." — Frodo's Blog of Randomness (4-star review)

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