Rebekah Shafer : A Twist of Fae

A Twist of Fae

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Mysteries & Thrillers, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Jim Butcher, Diana Wynne Jones, N. D. Wilson, Dashiell Hammett, Douglas Adams

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74 pages




Lantern Leaf Press

Publication Date

October 21st, 2014



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“My crystal was vibrating harder than ever now. More fae were moving in. I glanced over my shoulder at the dark gardens. This can’t be good. The crystal was designed to register the presence of faery matter, besides serving as identification and other mundane uses, but after the years I’d spent wearing one around my neck, I was becoming more and more convinced it picked up on danger, too.”

In special agent Burgundy Graves’ opinion, desk work is for sissies. So what if Surfaeillance Agency exists to regulate faery activity on Earth? Tracking the monsters is a form of regulating. Give her a gun, a dangerous threat to hunt down, no questions asked, and she’s in. But when Surfaeillance puts her in a team of wet-behind-the-ears investigators and tasks them with trailing a clueless millionaire, Burgundy begins to seriously consider pulling out—until the millionaire is murdered on her watch. With the agency at risk, and shape-shifting ogres on the loose, Burgundy races to unmask her enemies before she becomes the next victim in this deadly, faery-tainted plot.

This short novella is the first in the urban fantasy series "Surfaeillance," where policing and monitoring faery activity on earth is all in a day's work. Dangerous faery plots, on the other hand, call for a whole lot of overtime and a little dash of pixie dust. Written for young adults to adults with a humorous side, A Twist of Fae is entertainment for everyone.

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