La'Chris Jordan : The Memories of Bellevue (Book 1 of the Bellevue Trilogy)

The Memories of Bellevue (Book 1 of the Bellevue Trilogy)

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May 14, 2014



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A powerful and unforgettable love story, THE MEMORIES OF BELLEVUE is the first book in the Bellevue Trilogy, a hypnotically compelling series that blends rich historical fiction with riveting intrigue. In her debut novella, La’Chris Jordan combines the narrative allure of Charles Frazier’s "Cold Mountain" and the simplicity of Michael Blake’s "Dances With Wolves" to tell the story of two unlikely lovers in the years preceding the Civil War.

The year is 1861 and the possibility of war is consuming the nation, especially in the Union stronghold of New Orleans, Louisiana. But Thomas White, a wealthy slave owner and “conductor” in the Underground Railroad, is determined to rid himself of slavery once and for all and return to the North despite being torn between the past and present, racial prejudice, and the shifting alliances of an impending conflict. Yet, days before his planned departure, Thomas finds an old diary from his past -- a diary filled with private thoughts and reflections on Jeyne, the beautiful slave girl he shared his life and dreams with as a young man on his family's plantation.

The Memories of Bellevue is an emotionally passionate piece that marks Jordan as a writer to watch. The second book in the Bellevue Trilogy, THE ROSES I LEFT BEHIND is currently available on Amazon.

Editorial Reviews

"Lost myself in this story!"

“The Memories of Bellevue” is a historical love story set just before the beginning of the Civil War. Such a sad time in America’s History! This love story is between Thomas, the son of a plantation owner, and Jeyne, one of his father’s slaves.From the first page to the last I was completely captivated. My heart went on an emotional rollercoaster ride throughout the entire story. Each character was extremely well defined. I could feel Thomas and Jeyne’s passion followed by their shear feeling of hopelessness and helplessness of the situation.Days after finishing this book I found my heart and mind still haunted by their heartache. I was completely blown away with the excellent writing skills of author La’Chris Jordan. I just hope she doesn’t keep me waiting long for the next book in this series. -- Stephanie Lasley, The Kindle Book Review

"I can't wait to read the next one!"

Set in Louisiana in the mid 1800s on a plantation, the story of Thomas and Jeyne is utterly mesmerizing. The historical research is evident in the accurate portrayal of the period, and yet, the story never reads like a history lesson. Set against backdrops of the Confederacy, Abolitionists, and slavery, the detail is staggering, and expertly woven into the story.La'Chris Jordan is an author to watch. Her prose is seamless, the tension taut, the pace relentless. The forbidden romance between Thomas and Jeyne is richly detailed. Jordan doesn't pull punches; she conveys the story and thoughts in a realistic manner, as they were at that time, not through current cultural lenses, however painful it might be. She is to be applauded for a fine story, and I can't wait to read the next one. My only complaint? I wanted more! A definite 5 star novella from a gifted writer. Can definitively "see" this one on the screen. -- Jan Moran, Bestselling author of Scent of Triumph and Beauty Mark

"Best Historical Romance Ever"

"I have read many books, both fiction and non-fiction about slavery and the Civil War. I have also watched many documentaries about this subject because my love of history. I have never read a book that shows slavery from the view of someone who has experienced it in such a graphical and beautiful way. The first words of the first memory were so profound; I wondered if I was reading the same book I started.Even though this is a book of fiction, the history is correct and made me think of Ken Burn's documentary "The Abolitionists". We've all been told have slavery is wrong, but until I saw that show, it never dawned on me that no one thought it was wrong but a select few. The Abolitionist Movement grew and more people began to agree with it. This book shows the conflict within a young man who knew slavery was wrong but was told it was right because it afforded him luxuries that many didn't have and that falling in love with a slave was foolish because they were not equal.The love story is sweet and I can't wait for the next book. If the next book is anything like this one, La' Chris Jordan will become one of my favorite authors." Review

"Great romantic read! Historically accurate and unique story line!"

"...The Memories of Bellevue is a well-researched novella as well. The details on what will become known as the antebellum era before the Civil War are incredible and they are used well as the background and conflict to the plot of the novella. Thomas and Jeyne are both extremely real characters. It is an extremely passionate, well-written piece. The characterization is incredible. The dialogue is amazing. The romance scenes are, to say the least, extraordinarily steamy. And the plot—without spoiling it—is jaw dropping to say the least. This is an amazing piece to add to your Kindle collection." Review

"A Riveting Historical Romance"

The Memories of Bellevue is the kind of historical romance that sweeps you up and takes you on an emotionally charged journey, delving into this captivating love story in a compelling way. La'Chris Jordan has a talent for storytelling that grips you, forging a connection between the reader and the characters of Thomas and Jeyne in a wonderful way. The characters are authentic, real and fully developed, providing a stunning glimpse into this love story set amid the strife, disparity and tribulation of a country still condoning slavery and on the precipice of a civil war. This is historical fiction that does justice to that era in American history while engaging the reader with a historical romance that is compelling, passionate, emotionally charged and filled with an authentic tone. La'Chris Jordan skillfully writes with a deft hand, the love story is vivid, engaging, fast-paced and historically accurate (which is a big plus for me). Overall, The Memories of Bellevue is a wonderfully vivid and compelling piece of historical fiction that was well worth the read. It left me eager to read more in the Bellevue Trilogy as the love story between Thomas and Jeyne continues to unfold. - Goodreads Review

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