Krista Noorman : The Truth About Drew (book excerpt)

The Truth About Drew (book excerpt)

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Children, Religion

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Melissa Tagg, Becky Wade, Rachel Hauck

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At fourteen, Claire Thomas leads the average life of a teenage girl, living in the shadow of her popular older brother, maneuvering her way through family, friendships, and first love. But her childhood best friend, Drew, is not your average teenage boy. In fact, he's downright unusual. Sometimes he disappears, almost before her eyes. He speaks in clichés, quotes and Bible verses, and is always writing in his worn leather notebook. Drew seems to have the inside track to all things spiritual, but Claire lives in a family that does not go to church, with a mother who hates God. It seems Drew is trying to tell her something important, but she isn't sure what that is. After years of wondering why she is the only person to ever see or speak to him, thinking maybe he isn't real and it's all in her head, she is determined to discover The Truth About Drew.

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