Kris Camealy : Come, Lord Jesus: The Weight of Waiting

Come, Lord Jesus: The Weight of Waiting

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148 pages



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October, 2016



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Come, Lord Jesus: The Weight of Waiting is a companion in the waiting season of Advent. It’s a quiet invitation to sit with the weight of waiting, and recount the faithfulness of God, to trace the hope of Christmas, and prepare the way for Jesus’ coming into the world, into our own hearts, into our everyday, ordinary time. With its offering of a daily reading, a reflection, prayer and one, or two reflective questions for you to contemplate, this book is a welcome “friend” to readers during the Advent, or any other season of waiting.

Editorial Reviews

“Come, Lord Jesus is a much needed respite during what’s become the chaos of Christmas. If you’re feeling empty, desperately wanting to see Christ in Christmas, pick up this refreshing book and beautifully prepare your heart for His advent.” -Mary DeMuth, Worth Living: How God’s Wild Love for You Makes You Worthy

“A beautiful invitation to press into the weighty work of waiting. With tender prose and warm reflection, Kris Camealy welcomes us to experience and embrace the tension of God with us, even as we anticipate his arrival. Receive these rich and memorable devotional readings as a blessing over this holy season.” –Deidra Riggs, author of Every Little Thing: Making A World Of difference, Right Where You Are

“This is the book for all the restless hearts in this season of rush. It’s for the ones who are tempted by the urgency, but who yearn for something else– something more holy. Come, Lord Jesus offers just that. This book is an invitation into the quiet, the wonder, and the mystery of Advent. I felt my breathing slow while turning the pages. With her words, Kris Camealy offers a sanctuary for us all –where we can simply be still and wait on our King. –Jennifer Dukes Lee, author of The Happiness Dare

“I have admired Kris Camealy’s commitment to making space for busyness detoxification and doxological reflection for many years. In Come, Lord Jesus, she invites us to follow her into moments of quiet contemplation designed to help liberate us from the chaos of the modern holiday season. Inside, we find she has led us to Jesus. Every heart that longs to ‘prepare him room,’ can be grateful for Camealy and this graceful guide.” –S. D. Smith, author of The Green Ember Series

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