K.R. Albers : A Subtle Stranger

A Subtle Stranger

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Mysteries & Thrillers, Classics

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Charles Bukowski, J.D. Salinger, Clive Barker, Mark Twain

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KRA Publishing

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April 23, 2013



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Perhaps it was the loss of his mother, an absent father battling his own demons, or even just the angst of being a high schooler that didn't quite fit in. But with the town-wide upheaval of the appearance of a wayward drifter that would spark the adventure that would shine some light on his darkest of winters yet.

Paperback Copy available here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/kr-albers/a-subtle-stranger/paperback/product-20985633.html

Editorial Reviews

"Albers' story slightly reminds me of Mark Twain's short masterpiece, The Mysterious Stranger. While entirely different, Albers has used Twain's device of an out-of-your-world visitor to question assumptions and change behaviours and beliefs. Unlike Twain's mocking `Satan', Albers' stranger is gentle and sympathetic, and perhaps a trace deranged himself. Unlike Twain's naive youths, Albers' protagonist is in deep loss and in serious personal depression. The story is about the resolution of that depression, about choosing a way forward.There is social commentary, as in: `I feel faith tends to allow people to condemn quicker than those who use logic.' There is loneliness of an adolescent abandoned by pretty much everyone: `I don't have a whole lot left for myself, and so I am determined to not be like them.' There is questioning of God, high school bullies, and heaven. There are no pat answers accepted here." -Review from Amazon.

"Good read. You could feel Ben's pain and your heart went out to him. To lose his mom and see the internal demons was something very relatable. I hope to see more from this talented author." -Review from Amazon.

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