Kori D. Miller : HUSH: A Dezeray Jackson Novel

HUSH: A Dezeray Jackson Novel

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Mysteries & Thrillers, Romance

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Janet Evanovich, Marcia Muller, Patricia Cornwell, Sue Grafton, James Patterson

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Back Porch Writer Press

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November 1, 2015



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What secrets are you hiding? We all have a few. Private investigator Dezeray Jackson specializes in uncovering secrets. And she won't stop until she discovers the truth.

Dezeray Jackson examines the cold case of a 13-year-old girl from Fremont, NE. As details of the case unfold, Dez is forced to confront her feelings about her sister's unsolved murder, manage her relationship with former lover, Patrick Murphy, and diffuse the tension he's creating with her current lover, Scott James. Things become more complicated when Dez begins receiving communication from a dead guy.

If you like Janet Evanovich, Marcia Muller or Sue Grafton, then you'll love a series that combines all of their best traits into a smart, sassy, take no BS private investigator from the midwest, who has a penchant for weapons, scotch, fine wines, good-looking men, a great game of pool, and a Rottweiler named Godfrey.

Editorial Reviews

  • Readers' Favorite 5-Star Review by Anne-Marie ReynoldsHush: A Dezeray Jackson Mystery Novel Vol 1 by Kori D Miller is a fascinating read. Right from the first page, it is an attention grabber and a real page turner. The main character, Dezeray, has been developed in a way that allows a reader to identify with her and stick with her through the entire story. The plot is masterful, packed full of action, twists and turns that you just don’t see coming, and highly captivating. Nothing is what it appears to be in this story. Just when you think you’ve worked it all out, bang ... something else happens and sends the story spiralling off in a different direction. The whole book is a masterpiece of originality, suspense and reality all mixed together. Ms Miller has complete command of the English language and it shows in her descriptive writing. The rest of the characters are just as well developed as the main one and that means the scene is well and truly set for book 2 in the series, which I can’t wait to read.
  • Hush by Kori D. Miller is a detective novel that feels like a throwback to the good old days of Hollywood film noir - it's about character and motivation, not explosions and ammo. This story is grounded in rock-solid descriptions of places, food, pool strategy, and martial arts moves. It feels so real, which makes the violent parts all the more frightening. For mystery readers, Hush is a fast, fun, enjoyable read. - Jenni Wiltz, author of The Romanov Legacy
  • The plot is complicated but the writing concise and well developed making it simple to follow the story yet adding the right amount of twists and turns to the plot. The use of colorful language adds to the character development, painting a clear picture of Jackson and the people she encounters. I found the book to be entertaining, interesting, and well- written. A good addition to anyone's library. - Joe Broadmeadow, author of Silenced Justice (A Josh Williams Novel)
  • This was a great read from start to finish. The writing is swift, smart and thoroughly enjoyable. Great story and characters. Once I started reading it I knew it would be one of those books I'd race to get to the end. I got the Kindle version when it was on special for $.99 and it was more than worth it. It was an awesome deal! Highly recommend. - Heather Awad, Amazon
  • I loved Dezerary because she is a strong lead character. She is the kind of strong woman that you love to read about. The other characters in the book are also very relateable.The book moved along smoothly with me being glued to the pages. Great book!! I can't wait to read more. - Angela Winters, Amazon
  • Once I started it it was hard to put down. I can't wait for more in this series, I'm itching to find out what happens next! - Chelsey Mae, GoodReads

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