K. Larsen : 30 Days (book 1)

30 Days (book 1)

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Mysteries & Thrillers, Romance

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Abused by her husband. Dealing with the loss of her only sister. A suicide attempt that doesn't end in death and a husband who wants her inheritance. Elle's life is a catastrophe. But she has a list and thirty things she's determined to accomplish.

Love isn't on that list but it comes crashing unexpectedly into her life. Ryan's current lifestyle requires a lot of funds, he likes his toys. He married his wife knowing she had a hefty inheritance and is bent on securing it for himself by any means possible. Boxing coach and personal trainer at the gym he co-owns, Colin's content with his life. Until a chance meeting with a woman eating alone at a restaurant sets his heart in motion. As secrets unveil themselves his only goal becomes holding on to what he's found.

Follow Elle through her heartwarming journey and make a list!

Book 1 of 2. Committed (book 2) is available now.

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