Kit O'Conor : Balloons


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A sordid festival comes to a premature and devastating end, leaving the life of an adolescent boy changed forever. Many years later and he's shared the secret with no one, not his ailing father, his new wife, or even his cat. But just when it’s nearly forgotten, the event he witnessed that day takes on a bizarre new significance. It all starts when he hears a voice inside the paving stones.

A haunting short story by an innovative new voice in UK fiction, known for his recent debut novel “Tiptoe.”

Editorial Reviews

'What a mysterious tale . Kit O'Conor seems to live in a parallel universe . I love the clear voice that I hear in his sentences' (Amazon - 5 Stars)

'I do not normally get into this type of story, and could do without reading of prostitutes and bulging pants, but the writing was excellent and really grabbed me and sucked me into the story from the first sentence. It is told in first person perspective and jumps around in time, leaving the reader to wonder about the narrators sanity by the end. Good little story worth the read.' (Amazon - 4 stars)

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