Kinetic Bear : The Elements of Blogging

The Elements of Blogging

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Computers & Internet , Self-Improvement

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Jeff Goins, Seth Godin, Michael Hyatt

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Tablo Publishing

Publication Date

June 10 2014



About the Book    About the Author

You're just like everyone else. You struggle to find things to blog about. The internet can really make blogging a complicated task. This book is all about getting back to the basics of blogging with a focus on creating posts and building your blog.

Everything from discovering ideas, creativity, writing and finding the motivation to be pretty damn good at it. You will even hear words of wisdom from other bloggers ranging from professionals to people just like you.

Editorial Reviews

"I’m a photographer and have struggled with blogging since I started. I didn’t know what to post or even why I was doing it. I was told it’s just what you NEED to do to keep traffic coming. I call BS! And so does this book. This book gives you guidance for why you should blog and helps you focus on the CONTENT you share. Straight answers, slaps upside the head, motivation to just be you and share your story with the world. Because the world really likes you and wants to know the real YOU. Get it. It’s awesome!

- Nathan Williams

Filled with great personal stories from a number of bloggers, witty puns, and practical advice, Jacob’s book is sure to have you pumped to blog everyday.

- Michael Beil

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