Kevin Tumlinson : Sawyer Jackson and the Long Land

Sawyer Jackson and the Long Land

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Dan Brown, James Rollins, Lee Child, Brad Thor, Clive Cussler

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"It's like a mashup of Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and the Iron Druid Chronicles, with a pinch of Doctor Who for flavor."

Some kids are born in a tangle. At sixteen years old, Sawyer Jackson hasn’t seen much beyond his grandparents' remote home, until one day he's transported to the Long Land -- a strange world where everything he knows is turned upside down, and everyone he loves is suddenly in a lot of trouble. Sawyer discovers that he's a Teth -- an ancient bloodline that can see and manipulate the knotwork that weaves all of reality together. Now he’s on the run from an enraged god, fighting vicious monsters and overcoming impossible challenges, and struggling every minute just to survive. Sawyer could be the hero that saves everyone and everything in existence. But who's going to save him?

Editorial Reviews

"There was something so fascinating about this story and the cast of characters he put together." -- Leah Petersen, Author of "Fighting Gravity"

"This well written science fiction story will capture your interest on page one and won't let go until you finish. The characters are mysterious, fascinating, and likable."
--James Chalk, Author of "Meat Market"

"Tumlinson managed to inject quirkiness and humor that was both unexpected and gave the characters even more depth."
--JoAnn Takasaki, Author of "Luau Like a Local: The Easy Way"

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