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Kevin Tumlinson is an award-winning and bestselling thriller author, churning out multi-million-dollar blockbusters that can be read for just a few bucks. He has been the recipient of numerous awards for writing, including being named a Shelf Notable Indie in 2016, for his novel "The Coelho Medallion."Kevin grew up in Wild Peach Texas—a literal village wedged between the Brazos and San Bernard Rivers, with a population of fewer than 2,500 people, and seemingly not a peach tree within a hundred miles of the place. He has had an eclectic career that includes electronics engineering; teaching writing to high school and college students; writing and producing for film, broadcast, and media; and running marketing for a variety of clients, technology companies, and book publishers. He is the host of a popular show, the Wordslinger Podcast, which is downloaded by thousands of listeners each week, and lets him chat with hundreds of authors and entrepreneurs, sharing all he learns with an eager audience. Kevin frequently travels with his brilliant and beautiful wife and their tiny but fiercely adorable dog, cruising in an cranky and acerbic RV from one US point of interest to another, signing books, talking to readers, and enjoying all the wine, scotch, and coffee the human body can safely absorb. Learn more about Kevin and his work on his website, and get three of his best books for FREE when you copy and paste this URL and register at