Ken Preston : Joe Coffin Season One Episode One

Joe Coffin Season One Episode One

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Get ready. Joe Coffin is on his way. And he's mad as hell.

Joe Coffin is fresh out of jail, but going straight is the last thing on his mind. The sickos who murdered his wife and child are still out there, and he’s going to get revenge.

The problem is, Joe Coffin is in much deeper than he realises, and his wife might not be as dead as he believes.

Violent, gory, profane and explicit, Joe Coffin is for mature readers only.

Editorial Reviews

". . .delivers gore, scares, pathos, and even some laughs in a bloody bundle that is much greater than the sum of its parts."

-David Dubrow, Gingernuts of Horror

“This was genuinely the best read I've had in a long time and I cannot wait for more from Joe Coffin!”

-Alli, Amazon review.

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