Kelvin Bueckert : Beauty in a Scorched Land

Beauty in a Scorched Land

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Religion & Spirituality, Fiction & Literature

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Humorous/thoughtful fiction and poetry., Douglas Adams, Kevin Max, Donald Miller, Justin Halpern

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3 Stories.

2 Continents.

1 Message.

So different, so much the same... Samuel and Rob are two young men, living in two different worlds with strangely similar thoughts of romance. Can they overcome their internal secrets and the external threats of war? Will they successfully raise a family? Follow two intertwining stories through three dramatic, humorous, and sometimes horrifying episodes.

Can you face the truth?

Written to raise awareness of poverty and its effects, Beauty in a Scorched Land also features a selection of beautiful full-color photographs by Charlene Constant.

Charlene is a nurse who spent some time working in Africa and also shares some insights she gleaned from personal experiences.

As an extra bonus, a short story by Janice Constant is also included.

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