Kelly Holland : Savannah's Fight

Savannah's Fight

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Romance, Fiction & Literature

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Sarah Book Publishing

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December 4, 2014



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Living in Firestorm, Wyoming wasn't easy with all the small town gossip, but Savannah was proud to call it home - until the night two police officers knocked on the door and the walls start closing in on her. "There was an accident involving your family. Your mother, father, and two brothers did not survive." With the pressure on, she now would have to prove herself, step up and keep the family ranch running. When Savannah and Jackson meet, sparks flew - in the best way possible. Savannah was no match for his smooth talking cowboy charm; Jackson was mesmerized by Savannah's charisma and immediately attracted to her. The two became closer, until Savannah learned a devastating secret Jackson had kept from her - one that would tear them apart. Will these two find a way to break down the walls that divide them? Or will a confession of love from levelheaded ranch hand, Alex, ease her broken heart? Will she ever be able to love again? This romance from promising author Kelly Holland is a stunning drama of betrayal, missed communication and love tested by hardship. It will warm your heart, win you over and leave you begging for more. Kelly Holland is a fresh young author and poet making her mark on the world. She has been runner up in poetry competitions, essay contests, and won the rising star award as a junior in high school. Growing up on a small farm in southern Ohio, she turned to writing to escape the boredom of small town life. Having two older brothers gave her the ability to stand up for herself, and also made her the target for many hilarious practical jokes. Although she did not find them funny at the time she is able to laugh about them now. Kelly values family above all else, and wants to be an inspiration to other young people looking to make their dreams come true

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