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This is an extract from the full-length novel. It includes the first three chapters of the book.No. 1 IN THE LITERARY FICTION > WOMEN'S FICTION FREE DOWNLOAD CATEGORY! "This is excellent contemporary fiction ... " Tahlia Newland, founder of Awesome Indies. As a young actress in a long-running TV show, Mai Rose’s career path seemed clear. But she wants more. Already she’s dumped the show and landed a role in a serious play, with serious actors and a more-than-serious director. And now another opportunity has arisen – a major fantasy film with a role that seems tailor-made for her. The only problem being that she’s in competition with four other scheming actresses to win the role. Can she win the part? Does she want to win the part? She has to navigate her way through the demands of the press, the Russian billionaire owner of the newspaper running the competition, boyfriends past and present, her soldier brother and a particularly ambitious (read: nasty) competitor. And all of them underestimate her. Building towards an enthralling climax, Actress examines one person’s struggle to come to terms with who she is, what’s important to her and – crucially – what she really wants.

Editorial Reviews

This is excellent contemporary fiction, an engrossing story about an actress searching for what she really wants in her life set against the background of a tooth and claws competition for the lead role in a film. The actress, Mai, goes through a lot in the period of the competition. She's left her job of two years on a television soapy hoping to extend herself in a role she's taken in a stage play. The change of acting style is a challenge by itself and the difficult personality of the director makes it even more difficult. She leaves her boyfriend, her drug-taking brother comes back from Afghanistan and her main competitor in the competition is a bitch out to pull her down. Mai kind of stumbles through all this, thinking it's what she really wants, but she somehow sabotages her chances at every turn.The book deals with various themes related to stars, the fickle nature of their work, the drugs, the self obsession and ethics - or lack of them - and the role of the media in manipulating public perception. Mai's personal challenge is to find something meaningful for herself in a business that seems inherently shallow.This is a work that not only takes us deeply into the main character, but also carries us along on a plot peppered with surprises. The pacing is excellent and the actions of some of the characters are mysterious enough that I got an 'ah ha' moment when the truth behind them comes out in the end.The writing, though sometimes a little clunky, has a style of its own, particularly when in Jake's voice, and it gives the book an appropriately edgy feel. The scenes are well described so I had clear visions of the nightclubs, Mai's apartment and the church hall where the play rehearsals took place. ...All up, this is a terrific book and well worth a read. I give it 4.5 stars.

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