Katie Lynn Daniels : Trevaliant: That Others May Live

Trevaliant: That Others May Live

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Fiction & Literature

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Brandon Sanderson, William Shatner, Joss Whedon

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Trevaliant is a search-and-rescue class space ship, commanded by an eccentric captain and crewed by the space fleet's reject officers. Being the errand boys and garbage men of the galaxy might be considered a low position for some, but sometimes the boring jobs turn out to be the most exciting, and the tedious ones are, at the very least, an excercise in character development.

Character development is a daily excercise onboard Trevaliant, for the ship's advisor is a 21 year old psychic with a 12-year-old's reasoning skills and passion for pranks. He serves as both an irritant to the crew and a ncessary evil, for his abilities have saved the ship from mishap on more than one occasion.

"That Others May Live" is the first in an exciting new series of space opera adventures. In it, the crew of Trevaliant investigate a distress signal that appears to be coming from below the surface of a mysterious and seemingly dead planet. In the heart of a remarkable subterranean city they discover the last survivor of a race of psychics; the only sentient being in the world who's ever impressed a sense of maturity on Conroy.

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