Katie Lynn Daniels : Sanctity of Life

Sanctity of Life

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In a world where war is glorified and violence enjoyed in films for all ages one question is never addressed - never answered. What is the worth of a single human life? Is one soul insignificant when compared to the sea of casualties?

Editorial Reviews

This little book tackles the difficult problems of torture,
suicide, sacrifice, and killing— subjects that could each fill an
entire book. And Sanctity of Life asks all of these
difficult questions. It is a book that makes you think.

But many questions are left unanswered. This book does an
excellent job at asking difficult questions. It is very
thought-provoking, that's for sure. But we don't see all that much of
the author's viewpoint except in the way the questions are asked

If these questions have never occurred to you before, Daniels'
book is an excellent place to start. It will ask you difficult
questions about human life and its value; questions that will make
you squirm. But it is deeply worth it. In a culture that glorifies
carnage and killing, we as Christians are called to stand out, to
keep ourselves from being desensitized and blending in. We are called
to respect the Sanctity of Life that God created.

--Andrew Joyce--Into the Book

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