Kathryn Cable : The Greater Danger

The Greater Danger

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History, Mysteries & Thrillers

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Bradbury, Tolkien, Hemingway, Shaara

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Everyday citizens crushed under a corrupt administration and loss of freedoms are ripe for revolution when Ben Galloway, a charismatic leader and military genius, along with millions of loyal followers, links up with the new Mexican dictator. The fanatical leader spreads his twisted ideology, vowing to bring the Union to its knees and set up a new nation. America is blind to the ‘greater danger’ within, feeding the cancer of bitterness and self-interests. Panic and fear rip America apart, as Galloway unleashes the dogs of war in a surprise invasion.Caught in the crossfire, Texas is invaded and occupied by the rebels. Firing squads execute swift justice. Terror controls the masses. Military bases are captured. In vain, Texans fight back. The invading army holds the United States government hostage with nuclear bombs demanding billions in ransom money.In America’s darkest hour, following the detonation of the first bomb destroying a major city, a radio transmission is received from a mysterious woman, code name ‘Alpha Charlie.’ She tells the U.S. military forces that she has vital intel on where the remaining bombs are and how to deactivate them. Is it a trap or a way to stop this nightmare?War brings together two unlikely and combative allies, a battle-hardened, by-the-book Army Ranger, Colonel David Cougar, and a high-spirited, independent and stubborn resistance fighter, Charlene ‘Charlie’ Perea. Cougar’s mission is to get the vital information to his superiors. Charlie is not about to abandon her personal fight against the rebels and neither needs nor wants Cougar’s interference. Cougar’s Rangers search for Charlie to link forces before time runs out, the final invasion begins, and the remaining bombs are detonated. Both are hardened by their losses: Charlie's husband and Cougar's best friend. Revenge brings them together with one goal. Destroy the man responsible - Galloway.Under the disguise of deserting, Charlie and Cougar infiltrate rebel headquarters but things go very wrong. Galloway uncovers their plans and Charlie is captured. Now Cougar must risk it all to rescue her from a death sentence, stop the countdown, then get to safety before the decisive battle begins.The Greater Danger is about civil war, rebellion, radical hatred and the thirst for power, but it is also about individuals caught up in their own battles of revenge, remorse and redemption, willing to do anything to survive. Through it all, Charlie and Cougar find a deep personal connection giving them a chance to forgive, hope and be blessed with peace again.

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