Kathryn Cable : Las Vegas Angels: Love's Heavenly Gamble

Las Vegas Angels: Love's Heavenly Gamble

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Religion, Romance

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Bradbury, Tolkien, Hemingway, Shaara

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Does love conquer all or does it need a little heavenly help?

This unusual love story between Cassie, a brokenhearted, virtuous schoolteacher, and Tony, a tough, thick-skinned casino owner has angelic/demonic battles, an improbable lovers’ reunion, compounded by unscrupulous motives and murderous plots.

Tony and Cassie are a match made in heaven, literally, for a specific, blessed plan that will involve the extraordinary destinies of their future children. Divine intervention is required to make this pairing work. Will they recognize each other when their paths unexpectedly cross, with a little help from angels, and is the spark of love still there? Heaven believes so.

The angels’ plan seems to be working until an adversary arrives. Evil fallen angel Mira is on a mission to keep Tony and Cassie a part. Mira uses Rico, a vengeful rival of Tony’s to achieve her goal. Will Tony’s explosive temper enrage him to kill Rico, losing Cassie and his soul? The angels compete in the supernatural contest pitting wickedness against righteousness amidst the glamour of Sin City with the lovers’ souls as the prize.


Love hits the jackpot when Heaven's angels arrive in Sin City

The battleground for the war between good and evil is fabulous Las Vegas with the unlikely partnership of an experienced angel Arthur, his apprentice Adrian, and a warrior angel Max. Taking human form, the angels try to help their human assignments choose the right path, find true love and discover their destiny. Frustrating human emotions and fickle choices of free will compound their plans. Evil fallen angels vex the heavenly ones at every turn, using their sin-enslaved humans to corrupt.

In the fantasy world of Las Vegas, the miracle of love and faith, not luck, must prevail.

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