Kathleen Malligan : Understanding and Overcoming Homosexuality by Keeping Your Eyes on Heaven

Understanding and Overcoming Homosexuality by Keeping Your Eyes on Heaven

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Triumphant Ministries Toowoomba

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This book will bring the hope and the reality of heaven. It will reveal you will be in a warfare till you die. So learning to get the victory over the flesh the world and the devil will be an occurrence, yet not without His daily power and ability.

Christ Jesus redemptive works will take years, so keeping your eyes on heaven will enable you to walk with Him as He demolishes a fortified stronghold. He knows that homosexual lust and same-sex attraction will be a strong part of you and a battle that can come and go for years and years.

Be at peace with your attraction, as it will have power over you until He does a deeper transformation. Stay at peace with yourself for you will come to agree and partner with Him in sanctification and renewal. You will come to the place and say from the heart “i am who GOD says i am.”

Allow Him to show you your crown and your place of the eternity of heaven as you read this booklet. It will all be worth it after entering the gates of His City.

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