Kathleen Malligan : The Kingdom Has Come Among Women - Book 7

The Kingdom Has Come Among Women - Book 7

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The Kingdom Has Come Among Women

Many things will hinder our destination especially the knowledge; Are women allowed in ministry positions?

Jesus Christ has revealed this in the mystery hidden in the first Adam, He took bone of his bone to create Eve, and the two became one. So yes women are called to be minister in authority.

Wo man you are one with Christ, His body, His bone, His flesh you have rights to be an Apostle, or a Prophetess, or a Teacher, or a Pastor, or an Elder, or an Leader, or a Deaconess, or a Preacher, or an Evangelist as He lays the call upon your heart, this is your inheritance “I will give you the nations as your inheritance.”

Inside this booklet it will briefly teach you biblically, then you will know the truth and truth you believe will set you free to be all that Jesus Christ has ordained and called you to be. You can purchase this as a booklet only.

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