Kathleen Malligan : Prayer Strategy of Judgment to break the back of the Paedophile spirit

Prayer Strategy of Judgment to break the back of the Paedophile spirit

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Triumphant Ministries Toowoomba

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Jesus Christ has laws against child molestation, incest, rape and paedophilia and transgressions alike. He is the God of Justice and Judgment when this work has come against our children.

Our position is to enforce Covenant Power and Authority for Justice and Judgment when we suspect, catch or are told our children have been violated. We have to be informed to fight this stronghold.

The prayer strategies will impart faith, hope and trust in our Deliverer and Redeemer. They will teach you to bring warfare and judgment against this spiritual network. In praying them they will teach you how to stop these spirits from remaining in force and in strategies in The Might and Power of The Name of Jesus Christ. They will teach you how to get the victory until they concede defeat to bring our children out of captivity and into healing.

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