Kathleen Malligan : Prayer Strategy for Secondary Victim of Pedophilia and Incest

Prayer Strategy for Secondary Victim of Pedophilia and Incest

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Triumphant Ministries Toowoomba

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Jesus has laws against child molestation, incest, rape and pedophilia and transgressions alike. When this work has come against our children or others, He is the God of Justice and Judgment and The Warrior we Enforce.

When this has happened to our children or those we care about we can receive much sorrow and trauma that needs processing and healing. Shame, guilt, anger, grief, and revenge can be our companions if we do not receive the impartation and anointing of The Lord Jesus Christ to walk us through and out of these emotions.

This teaching and these prayer strategies will impart love, faith, hope, and trust in our Deliverer and Redeemer. They will bring forth healing and deliverance from secondary effects of child sexual assault.

The book will teach you how to bring warfare and judgment against this spiritual network and for in the future if you know someone you love is at risk.

Nothing is impossible for our Covenant Keeping God. Our God will deliver us from evil for His is The Kingdom The Power and The Glory, Forever and Ever - Amen.

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