Kathleen Malligan : Understanding and Overcoming Homosexuality - Personal Discernment Book 5

Understanding and Overcoming Homosexuality - Personal Discernment Book 5

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Book 5 - Personal Discernment

Jesus became a human being to save human beings, He is our High Priest and Intercessor because He became human. He suffered in humanity so He knows the same sex struggles we go through, therefore, He can sympathize with our weakness.

When we do not understand our same sex attraction and brokenness and sexual addiction, it will keep us in a strong grip of the flesh and cause us to waver to be unfaithful to our High Priest. Therefore, we need to understand and pinpoint truth so that we can fix our thoughts on Jesus.

Since Jesus Christ is the foundation of our salvation and our deliverance and our restoration from same sex attraction and all brokenness, we are to learn of Him and His ways and ability to stay faithful in all things.

The book teaches this and why we have same sex attraction and the brokenness attached. This book will give The Spirit of Christ Jesus opportunity to teach you His ways and why remain faithful to a Kingdom lifestyle than a homosexual lifestyle. He will cause you to stand in the freedom gained and teach you self-deliverance. In addition how to effectively warfare against all storms of darkness in your voyage of wholeness, healing, restoration and sanctification.

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