Kathleen Malligan : Working Through Offense - Book 4

Working Through Offense - Book 4

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Book 4 - Working Through Offense

Truth is those of us who have come out of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Scene we are a struggling people because we are between two identities. We have the law of sin at work in our members and it can be screaming at us to will its desires yet we know we cannot yield to its whims for we have been chosen and chosen to be a Peter and no more a Simon.

Simon is there he is fleshly and flaky but Peter the rock has to come forth to live and learn to rule for we are departing to the other side. This is why sometimes we will be so fragile that anyone just has to look sideways at us and back our hands go on our hip and we say “well if this is what God and Jesus and the church people are all about I am going back to the Mardi Gras!”

Part your survival kit is learning how to deal with offense and the truth is in your journey to the other side people will offend like dogs will bark. That is why we need counsel so this book is filled with knowledge that will give The Spirit of Christ Jesus opportunity to counsel, teach, train and edify you so you will be able to process all offence in your personal and individual way.

From this book you will gain keys, you will understand that we do and it is OK to take offense. You will know how to discern what unrighteous offense is and what righteous offense is. You will discern if boundaries are violated and you will be able to understand and allow for people’s differences. You will be able to deal with sinners saved by grace and learn the importance of expressing your real feelings to Jesus Christ without any guilt and condemnation.

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