Kathleen Malligan : Healing the Wounds of Rejection - Book 3

Healing the Wounds of Rejection - Book 3

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Healing the Wounds of Rejection - Book 3

When you read and apply this third book in the survival kit it will bring you strength, give The Spirit of Christ Jesus opportunity to speak to you deeply and will give you ample keys to find answers for healing to suit your individuality. You will overcome and accept and see that rejection is as much a part of human weakness as sweating “for all sinned and come short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3:23)

Seeing ourselves as the rejected victim and blaming everyone keeps us down and dragging a load too heavy to bear. Holding onto false hopes, and false beliefs that we should be accepted and loved for who we are or who we once were as a homosexual is a mindset we need to be freed from.

The truth is people reject people and Church people do not accept or love others warts and all or will they for our past life of homosexuality. Overcoming the deep wounds of rejection is not as simple as taking hold of a statement of truth, but it is a start to face the reality that people reject and will always reject and if we are truthful with ourselves we to reject others in some form, or another.

This book will reveal a root cause of same sex attraction and will show you many ways to overcome the struggle of rejection. You will know the truth and the truth you believe will set you free, free indeed. He who loves you will complete the work He began in you for Jesus will bring you forth as His king and priest so that you may go forth to your destination.

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