Kathleen Malligan : Navigating the Church Life - Book 2

Navigating the Church Life - Book 2

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Religion, Self-Improvement

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Navigating the Church Life - Book 2

The Truth and reality are, Church life will cause you to be tossed around when those waves and the wind come from a church life. Storms will come for the devil sits in the same seats as you and the flawed and sinning people.

Know this that you will take offense at church. You will become critical and judgmental and put up walls of protection around your heart. You will want to react with leaving the church to do church your way and you will start to look back at the homosexual life you once left.

When we don’t understand church is biblical and that church is full of people with problems like us holding heresy and error it can and it will be difficult to remain a member. Therefore, this book will counsel you as you prayerfully seek Jesus Christ to remain in attendance and understand a Church and the people on the pews.

This book gives The Spirit of Christ Jesus opportunity to speak a word, to teach you, train you, build you up and He will cause you to see beyond yourself. This way your journey to the other side is not hindered by the faults and flaws of church and the people in it and the games the devils play against us.

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