Kathleen Malligan : Purpose and Vision - Book 1

Purpose and Vision - Book 1

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Religion & Spirituality, Self-Improvement

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Religion & Spirituality, Pastor Paula White, Perry Stone, Pastor Jim Staley

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Survival Kit Book 1 - Vision

This book in the first in your survival kit and will cause you to learn how to keep your eyes in the direction of hope, trust, faith and dependence than your past lifestyle of homosexuality. From this book you will learn lessons from history, lessons from our King and High Priest so you can be strengthened to be steadfast in all the storms, for they will come.

In your storms you will be tested by adversary and your storms will be a test of the flesh and your storms will be used as a test by Jesus. But without storms destiny is blocked towards your vision to the other side and know this your heart will waver with every storm.

Without a vision, without hope we lose heart, therefore, we minister loss to ourselves and want to return to the shore of same sex attraction. But if you allow The Spirit of Christ Jesus to apply the teachings in this book He will not only guide you in all types of weather but He will give you a fresh word. He will also impart faith and hope as you prayerfully seek Jesus Christ for renewal, restoration, healing and transformation.

You will be at peace for His counsel might and skill to rule will bring The Wind in your sails for power to press on to the vision of the other side and to fulfill any ministry vision He has placed within your heart.

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