Kate Preston : A Vintage Year

A Vintage Year

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Harris Tucker is a former number one tennis star, retired for the past eight years and living a lavish life in Santa Barbara, California. Suddenly homeless, friendless and penniless, he finds himself resigned to working as a farmhand on a vineyard in the Santa Barbara hills -- which he is clearly too good for and makes sure everyone knows it. But it is through his interactions with the family employing him, especially the two young children and their neurotic, divorced mother, that he begins to grow-up, and discover that there really can be life after tennis.

Laura Walters returned to the family homestead with her two children after her divorce. For the past five years she's lived with her father and younger brother and worked in the family grape growing business, in a steady but uneventful job. Reluctantly, she agrees to take on Harris Tucker as a farmhand, knowing his spoiled and selfish nature, and knowing he will be more work than help. Despite his ways, she can't help but notice how taken her kids are with him, and he with them, and finds herself falling for him against her own better judgement and her family and friends' warnings. Through Harris and Laura's interactions, (they each believe they could run the other's life better) they challenge each other to confront their past demons so they can move forward with their own dreams and goals.

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Editorial Reviews

Reviewed By Tracy A. Fischer for Readers’ Favorite

In A Vintage Year by author Kate Preston, we are offered almost an insider's look into the beautiful world of a vineyard. Follow the story of Harris Tucker, the former tennis star, as he takes a job as a farmhand after he's been left homeless and penniless. He believes the farmhand job is very much beneath him, but he needs to survive, and it's the only thing available to him. Meeting Laura Walters, the woman who's returned to her family homestead after her divorce to raise her two young children, to heal and to move forward from the difficulties in her past, Harris originally finds her neurotic and a bit difficult. Laura finds him spoiled and selfish. But together, and with their relationships with her delightful children, they learn both about themselves and each other. And it's through those discoveries that they just might fall in love.A Vintage Year is a lovely, lovely story. Author Kate Preston is skilled at creating characters that are multi-dimensional and so realistic that, by the end of the book, you'll truly feel as if they are friends. A Vintage Year would appeal to any reader who loves romance, a sweet story about people with complicated histories, or just a good, well-written novel that you'll enjoy from start to finish. This is the first book I've read by author Kate Preston, but it certainly won't be the last. I will be eagerly watching for her next offering, and sincerely hope that she's hard at work right now!

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