Kata Mlek : Ordinary Life

Ordinary Life

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Janusz explains what he is dreaming about in this companion story to Absolute Sunset.

"... All our conversations on the topic end the same way. Janusz will snort and turn, go into the kitchen, and brew some tea—which he then won’t drink. I know his habits. I’ve been looking after him for decades now. Each time, he thinks I’ll believe that he’s actually thirsty, so he leaves and fiddles with the kettle, with the burners, pours water, searches for mugs. I just shake my head and sigh. He simply refuses to understand that there’s no such thing as an ordinary life.

He repeats this over and over again. “I don’t need a lot, an ordinary life will be enough for me.” But “ordinary” is a tricky word. To be exceptional is easy—it’s enough to do something incredibly good, or to go the other way and to fill the headlines of the newspapers with details that will make the hair on one’s head bristle. And apart from that, as I said, we are each unusual by definition, just on a different scales. One gets a Nobel prize, while another rescues the neighbor’s cat from a tree. Scale—different. The act—unusual. I try to explain this to Janusz.

“What’s your dream?” I often ask.

“My dream is just this: family, work, home. A pet—a cat or a dog. From time to time little treats: birthdays, cake, Christmas.”

“And what do you have?”

“None of that...”

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