Kata Mlek : Give Me Time

Give Me Time

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One life isn’t enough for Thomas—he is dreaming of eternity. With Genesis’ help this dream may come true.

"... One life isn’t enough. Two, three—not enough. Eternity, now that would be enough. Eternity yes, but not spent in one of the transcendent dimensions promised by the various gods. First of all, that’s got to be boring. What is there to do surrounded by nothing but emptiness? Nothing—there’s nothing to do. Secondly, there is no god. I’m sure, I’ve checked. And there’s no soul—this is verified information. The only thing that exists is protein. And science. Only science can help me reach my goal. Only science can give me time.

I’m interested in an overall eternity, and in the duration of all things, preferably without deterioration. An overall eternity is one that’s not only mine as an individual, but that includes a certain environment that I imagine will last forever along with me. Until I am satisfied, until the world is satisfied with me, until I do and feel and experience so deeply that I finally say “enough.” At the moment what I feel is hunger.

I am a hundred years old.

My name is Thomas—a very symbolic name. Any association with the doubting Thomas of the Bible is justified. I don’t believe in anything that I haven’t examined for myself. I need to put my fingers into the wound, like the skeptical apostle. I need to touch things— anything I can’t touch, doesn’t exist..."

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