Karness Turner Jr. : Karness Bears All Part 2: Identity Wars

Karness Bears All Part 2: Identity Wars

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"Karness Bears All Part 2: Identity Wars" marks

the 2nd installment of Karness' 10 Book Poetry Autobiography entitled "Karness Bears All. In "Part 2: Identity Wars", Karness attacks and addresses some very hard subjects such as Self-Condemnation, Personal Insecurity, Self-Worth, and Verbal Abuse. An autobiography written through poetic memoirs, Karness includes some of his most popular poems of all time, such as "The Biggest Loser" in this book, while also including lesser known but just as impactful poems such as "Man Tears", "Excuse Me", and "The Caretakers". This book is a must read, especially in a society that is going through some identity issues of its own!

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