Kara Rodriguez : My Father's Shadow: a memoir of faith, adventure, and healing from sexual abuse

My Father's Shadow: a memoir of faith, adventure, and healing from sexual abuse

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Harriet Books

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January 5, 2014



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Dedicated. Driven. Determined. These words have all been used to describe Kara Rodriguez, but most aren't aware of the devastating past that made her this way. Beneath the façade of a faith-filled family, a horrible secret was kept. No one would have guessed that the sexual abuse began when Kara was only five years old, not even Kara. At the age of twelve, Kara realized she had repressed her memories of abuse. And thirteen years later, she continues to unpack them.

My Father's Shadow is Kara's revealing memoir detailing the abuse, the overwhelming struggles, and her search for a Savior in the midst of great distress. Though the abuse has infiltrated every area of her life, Kara also writes of the joys of healing and the highs of traveling the world.

What do you do when a secret--kept or told--continues to haunt you? What do you do when you've been betrayed? When your heart's been taken and used and thrown away? Kara's memoir provides great insight into the trauma of sexual abuse and the damage sin can cause.

A true survivor memoir, My Father's Shadow is poised to change the face of literature on the topic of sexual abuse.

Editorial Reviews

"This a great read, understanding abuse. Sharing this in a Christian view it so helpful compared to other books on abuse." -Amazon review

"I love this book, going to read it again. So well put together, So sad to read the things this woman went through. I would definitely
recommend this book!" -Amazon review

"Kara's book is more brutally honest than any memoir I've ever read. She writes with a beauty that can only come from an ability to accept one's self as they are. I would recommend it to anyone." -Amazon review

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