J.W. Snootz : Seeking Paradise

Seeking Paradise

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Romance, Travel & Adventure

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Romance, Sci-fi, Erotica, Thriller, George R.R. Martin, Stephen King, Aria Michaels, Elle Casey

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J.W. Snootz

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Feb 1st 2015



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Seeking Paradise (A Paradise Series Prequel) **Contains Exclusive Bonus Material!** The Crew, as they now call themselves, were once no more than a scattered group of strangers, separated both by distance and societal expectations. Before these sexy friends found each other, they were just like the rest of us...living day-to-day and Seeking Paradise. This is the story of how each of the Crew found love, the lifestyle, and the enduring friendships that brought them all to the island of Beora West and changed their lives forever. This is your chance to see what their lives were like before they were Swinging in Paradise. **Includes Epilogue, Deleted Scenes, and even an alternate ending from Swinging In Paradise**

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