Jackie Weger : First Chapters

First Chapters

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Mysteries & Thrillers, Romance

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Romance, Mystery, Historicals, Lee Child, Donna Fasano

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First Chapters is a selection of sleeper gems by new and talented indie authors brought to you by the editors and contributors of the website and blog eNovel Authors at Work (enovelauthorsatwork.com).

In this volume, you will discover Pete Barber’s sweeping thriller, NanoStrike. The pages turn themselves.

The Broken Saint by Mike Markel, is a police procedural that will knock your socks off.

Hoodoo Money by Sharon Pennington, a romantic mystery set in New Orleans, is so finely crafted you will taste the Beignets at the Café du Monde, fall in love with Zydeco and never set foot in a graveyard again.

Dianne Greenlay’s Quintspinner: a Pirate’s Quest will keep you enthralled in High Seas adventure and action that treks across two continents.

Lorrie Farrelly’s Terms of Surrender is a Civil War tale that will wrench your heart and have you taking sides.

Trucking in English is the true story of a single mother’s moxie and humor as she learns to man-handle semi-tractors and trailers in order to take care of her own.

More laughter comes your way in Jackie Weger’s romantic adventure, The Reluctant Hero who cannot abide women and children, but finds himself responsible for their safety in this wintery romance that will warm your heart.

Sisters of the Night by Linda Lee Williams is a strikingly unusual paranormal romance.

Return of the Runaway Bride by Donna Fasano is a masterful romance of love gone awry, funny and realistic.

Mazie Baby, by Julie Frayn will keep you rooting for the heroine as she outwits and escapes an abusive relationship.

For wonderful family fun for all ages and hours of entertainment dip into Rich Meyer’s Five Star Trivia Quiz Book, 600 fab questions with all of the answers at your fingertips.

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More From this Author