Justin Harmon : Change your Perception, Change your Life (Excerpt)

Change your Perception, Change your Life (Excerpt)

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Business & Finance , Self-Improvement

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The Difference Press

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November 26, 2013



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This download includes most of "Section One: Change" of this book.

Sick and tired of being held back by the prevailing status quo of society, author Justin Harmon set out to find an alternative lifestyle with freedom from fear and no limits. This book chronicles his findings and generously shares with readers how to change your life with advice on:

• Why change is difficult and how you can find freedom in discomfort.

• How make decisions so you can harness the power of regret free living.

• What happens to free spirits who live the life of an impostor.

• The magic of Lifestyle Design and exactly how to recreate, restructure, and redesign your life

• What to do when time, money, knowledge, or other people stand in between you and your dream

• When to worry about mistakes and misunderstandings and when they can be flipped to your advantage

• The 3 keys to feeling happy, awake, fulfilled and free • And much more

Editorial Reviews

“True wisdom is the ability to have both clarity and curiosity. This book beautifully marries the collective experience of its guest authors with the genuine curiosity and guidance of Justin Harmon. Reading this book feels like an exploration and a resource; a reminder that living purposefully, doing great work, and enjoying the ride is not only possible, but profoundly practical. A truly inspiring read!” – Meg Worden, Feed Me Darling

“A rich life is built by overcoming fear, fostering happiness, and choosing freedom. To do this, you’ve got to control your expectations and your perceptions. This book is packed with practical tips to help anyone change the way they view the world and start living a richer life today.” – JD Roth, More than Money

“This is not just a book; it is a heartfelt message to the world.” These are the words in the introduction to the book. Indeed, this is true! This book is not just a book, it can become a life-changer, a mindset shifter, a fear removing shield. Change Your Perception Change Your Life is full of beautiful stories from real people who have made that all-important perception shift of the mind, changed their lives, and in doing so, changed the lives of many others.

This book is not just about giving you tips to succeed in self-employment, it’s a guide to find freedom, love, and passion in your heart by doing the work that matters to You. It’s a book that is like Chicken Soup for the entrepreneurial, misfit soul- for those who are searching to reclaim their lives.
The stories in this book are intimate, vulnerable, and surprising. They will take you through some journeys you did not expect. There are so many morsels of wisdom here.

Read how J.D. Roth of Get Rich Slowly went from being broke and depressed to becoming a top financial writer. Or how A.J Leon used all his personal savings to work on his first social project in Africa. Lori Deschene of Tiny Buddha will tell you how to crush all those excuses that keep you from getting started.
The writers of this book have shared their most pivotal moments with you- the epiphanies that actually made it possible to make real changes in their lives- those moments you never forget, when you mind was first blasted opened, when your perception was shifted.
This is the kind of book you want to hold onto forever, and reread when you need to refuel, and share with your children one day. Inspiring, useful, practical, achievable and enjoyable! – Jesicka Labud TwoNonTechies

“Change Your Perception Change Your Life” by Justin Harmon isn’t a book, it is an expedition of the non-conformists soul. There is a certain type of person that yearns for what Justin encapsulates in the pages of this book. He has created a literary symphony of stories and experiences that bring the reader through a fascinating and insightful journey. Justin connects his own ambitions and tribulations with the stories of multiple well known and up and coming visionaries, and it is brilliant.
If you are a soul searcher, or visionary in the making, CYPCYL will help you know that you are on your way to your true self. If you have been down your own path and are creating the life you have dreamed of, CYPCL is like looking into a spiritual mirror and the words will move you.” – Brooklyn Fisher YoGirly.com

“This book fuels the fire within you to break free from social dogma and live a meaningful life. It connects you to your dreams that had been subdued by the status quo. It is a powerful call to action, to help you become the person you are meant be. A must read for all those aspiring to build their own business, regain freedom, and live fully.” – Debashish Das

“If you’re considering reading this book, it’s because you want to change your life. Whatever your reasons may be, they exist not because of how your life is (in reality) but because of how you perceive your life to be (YOUR reality). In this book, Justin Harmon and his team will show you how you can reclaim your role as the creator and leader of your life. Above all else, I wish that this book inspires you to take action and make a meaningful impact in the World!” – Bruno Coelho, The Rabbit Way

“Change Your Perception, Change Your Life will inspire you to see an alternate way living, one where dreams really do come true and the status quo is merely an option you can choose to leave behind. It’s full of amazing contributions from some of the biggest thinkers online and will inspire you to think bigger and do more than you ever thought possible. It’s full of truth, insight and those rare nuggets of gold that have the potential to swing your thinking and life 180. If you’re looking for answers, inspiration or just a push in the right direction Change Your Perception, Change Your Life will get you there.” – Michaela Cristallo, For the Creators

“I have been struggling with uneven dedication and progress and I didn’t know up till now that it happens to others too and it may very well be absolutely normal. It takes a huge amount of stress off of me knowing that it is okay to underperform at times. Change your Perception, Change your Life has shown me how to welcome fear as a sign of something exciting ahead and learn to use it as a tactic for change. This book has some superb advice and tricks that I’ve yet to try out but will surely be beneficial!” – Berta Pirchala

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