Julie Prestsater : Before Someday- Part One: The Wait

Before Someday- Part One: The Wait

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Children & Teens, Romance

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Before Someday is the perfect combination of sweet and sexy, humor and angst, and a whole hell of a lot of love. Alex is the irresistibly sexy and charming guy who Meg falls madly in love with her freshman year. There is just one problem. He’s going off to college and she’s still in high school.

* * *

“I love you, Megan.” The subtle brush of her lips along mine fills my heart with emotion.

“I love you, too, Alex. This is it. This is our someday.”

A hint of a smile reveals itself as my gaze catches hers. Four years of heat, desire, love is shared between us.

“No, Megan.” I lay a soft kiss on her lips. “This…is our forever.”

* * *

In the first part of Double Threat Series, you were captivated by the sassy wit of Megan Miller and the heartwarming romance she shared with the guy who stole her heart and took off with it four hundred miles away. You wondered what Alex was up to while he was away at college. You questioned what he was thinking the night they played strip Twister. And you were dying to find out what the hell he could possibly see in Amy. Now’s your chance to find out when you read Alex Aguilar’s story in Before Someday. Alex Tells All about finding the one in this Double Threat novel.

* * *

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• Double Threat My Bleep, #2

• Double Time, #3

• Double Threats Forever, #4

• The Double Threat Series Box Set

• Losing It: A Collection of V-Cards

Alex’s Books

• Before Someday- Part One: The Wait, #5

• Before Someday- Part Two: The Moment, #6

• Before Someday- Part Three: The Hold, #7

• Before Someday- Part Four: The Forever, #8

• Before Someday- Alex Tells All, #9 (includes #5-#8)

The One for Me- Ben’s Story, #10 (coming someday in the future)

These books include content intended for mature YA/adult readers.

Editorial Reviews

Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews -

"Back in 2012 I “discovered” author Julie Prestsater when her book Against the Wall came up on my recommended reads list on Amazon and I figured for 99 cents, what the hell. No doubt it was one of the best 99 cent books I have ever read and I found not only an author whose work I thoroughly enjoy but a person I now consider a friend. That being said, please don’t think I’m giving her 5 stars because of that, I’m giving her 5 stars because this book, well really this epic journey calls for it. After reading the two books she had out in her Against The Wall series and “meeting” some of the students in them from her young adult Double Threat series I sat down and read that series when I don’t think I’d read a young adult book since I was probably 12.I was mesmerized by this series and having friends whose high school aged children were dealing with some of the issues brought forth in these books only made them more special. I wrote a review that encompassed the whole Double Thread series and said: “These books are beautifully written and they are told from Megan’s point of view. Honestly this is one of the reasons this series gets a 4.5 instead of 5 star review from me. As I sat back and reflected on this series (and believe me I’ve done a lot of reflecting) I realized we really didn’t get to see or get to know Alex very well at all. I would have loved to know more about what he was thinking and how he was feeling during the duration of these books and I really want to know what all went on during his time at Berkeley.” That set the ball rolling for Before Someday and I could not be happier with the outcome. Julie tortured me because while writing it she shared NOTHING about it with me, well other than to say things like “just wait until you read….” yep, torture but then again I’m glad because I got to experience the whole book from start to finish without having a clue as to what was going on and I can honestly tell you that I cried buckets, I physically hurt in places, I cheered, and I swooned because Alex Aguilar is a swoon worthy hero especially give his age. This is a story of young love, of heartache, of heart break, of teenage mistakes, of learning, of figuring out life, of growing up, and most of all of never ever losing sight of the big picture; their someday, their forever. (Seriously I’m tearing up as I’m writing this I am such an emotional reader.)Before Someday is written in four parts just like Meggie’s books were written as four books, one for each of her high school years. This is Alex’s “side” of the story and it covers his senior year in high school and his first three years at Berkeley and of course in this author’s style, a fantastic epilogue.The first two parts (The Wait and the Moment) I would consider young adult but the second two parts (The Hold and The Forever) I consider to be more New Adult. However, the whole book is just one big ball of awesome. We really get to see what a special young man Alex is and how mature he is even as a senior in high school. We see that despite wanting Meggie with all his heart he sacrifices his happiness to help someone who really needs it. We see him go from being “big man on campus” to a “tiny fish in the ocean” and we watch him struggle to adapt not only to college life but to being away from his parents whom he loves and adores and from Meggie and the rest of his crew. I’m going to admit I cried a lot during the part that encompasses his freshman year in college and Ms. Prestsater did a fantastic job in this part making the reader feel everything that was going on in Alex’s life. The feelings and emotions that she evoked really got to me and watching this strong, self assured young man struggle just about did me in. I love that there were snippets of events from Meg’s books but she didn’t just “retell” the same stories, Alex’s side was very different and I loved seeing the world from his eyes. Loved his openness about his life with his parents and loved seeing how from the moment he met Meggie he knew she was special. It was amazing to watch Alex come through the struggle and figure out how to make life work for him even when it about killed him to do some of the things he did and to know that not once did he lose focus on what he wanted later in life on the big picture. His “college crew” added so much to these stories and as much as I loved the original crew I give thanks to the new crew for keeping him sane, making him live life and really for understanding his devotion to his Meg.I have to stop, but I just want to encourage you to read this author’s work if you haven’t, and if you’ve read her adult books I urge you to take a chance on the Double Threat series because believe me I was the last person who thought I could love a YA series as much as I did this one. Julie I can’t thank you enough for writing Alex’s side of the story and I’m sorry I cost you many sleepless nights and lots of beer but you did it…you nailed this story; it is and epic love story and I loved it from beginning to end (well with the exception of the Amy time…but since Meg and Alex forgave her I can to, I guess…well not really because I’m not as nice as them but I have gotten over it, sort of). Thank you for listening to me and to all your readers who wanted to see this story told, thank you for a “nice guy” hero, thank you for letting them grow up knowing they were their own people, and thank you for giving them a chance to work things out in their own way over time. Everyone should be as lucky to have a love story like the one told in Before Someday because while it wasn’t easy their hard work paid off and their someday turned into forever."

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