Julie Draper : Wake Up & Lose Weight

Wake Up & Lose Weight

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About the Book   

'Wake Up & Lose Weight' is a life raft

in a market flooded with disinformation and unrealistic regimes. Motivated by her frustration with years of failed attempts, the author cuts through the confusion and clearly communicates to readers the cold, hard truths to achieving permanent weight loss in a modern world. Revolutionary in its approach and truly enlightening, ‘Wake Up & Lose Weight’ has been written for ordinary women living authentic, busy lives.

Born out of actual experience rather than just theory, it approaches the subject of weight loss from several new directions, challenging what have become the accepted, conventional norms and championing its own weight loss plan based on what actually works in reality. It intelligently addresses the external and internal factors that subtly derail us when attempting to lose weight, as well as controversially opening up debate on the taboo subject of exercise, suggesting it has an unnecessary or secondary role in weight loss programs.

Editorial Reviews

The premise of the book Wake Up and Lose Weight by

Julie Draper is that in order to lose weight healthily and avoid the yo-yo
effect, it is better if you start losing some weight first and then exercise
when you are closer to your ideal weight. The reason is that when you are
slimmer, you can exercise better and more efficiently without affecting your
ligaments, heart condition, or self-esteem. The latter applies when overweight
people find themselves in the gym, exercising next to a body god or goddess. The
book guides the reader through what exactly losing/gaining weight means in term
of caloric intake and burning. It also demolishes some myths such as all fats
are bad for you and proves that eating healthy can be less expensive,
especially if you cook from scratch and plan your meals in advance. ??Wake
Up and Lose Weight is easy to read and understand, and it is written as a guide
that can be consulted any time. It is packed with logical explanations about
why people put on weight as well as how to start your own dieting program. It
is healthier to lose weight slowly to avoid the catabolism effect. The book
teaches readers how to correctly calculate the daily calorie intake in order to
achieve their goals. I found particularly useful the list of hidden sugars that
are likely to be found in processed foods. Also the daily menu sheet, the
weight chart example, and the recipes are very useful if you want to start your
own weight loss regime by following the steps in this book.

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