Julie C. Gilbert : Thin Black Road

Thin Black Road

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Religion & Spirituality

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C.S. Lewis, Brandon Sanderson, Toby Neal

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119 pages

Publication Date

October 27, 2015



About the Book    About the Author

There’s a thin black road I have traveled many times.

It leads to peace

In so many ways.

It’s kind of hard to describe

For the road’s oft unclear.

It unfolds to me

Like a lovely gift

One word at a time.

Then, music fills in the gaps,

Making worries fade away,

As unexplainable peace pours in.

There’s a thin black road

It leads me to peace.

When good or ill tidings come

To threaten my equilibrium,

I will travel that road

And return to peaceful calm.

Interview with the Author:

Q: What exactly is Thin Black Road?

A: This is a collection of very short Christian inspirational poems. I wrote it mainly while in college while I was driving back and forth to home on weekends. They started out as songs.

Q: Why should a reader check out this book?

A: There are a lot of simple truths in here. Whether you’re in need of a little encouragement or just want a thought of the day, this is probably a good fit for you. If poetry’s not really your thing, this book might still work for you. I have very little patience for long poetry, so all you’re going to get in here are short and to-the-point sorts.

Q: I heard a rumor you give away paperback copies? (What if I can’t afford this book?)

A: True. Get in touch with me. My email’s not hard to find if you do a bit of digging. You can also do this through my website. I try to get paperback copies of this book into as many hands as possible through Createspace. Church or individual, doesn’t matter to me. If you’ve a will to read it, I will try to accommodate. Please note, this is subject to availability and feasibility.

Q: Do you write other stuff?

A: Sure. I write science fiction, mystery, and fantasy stories as well.

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