Julie C. Gilbert : Malia's Miracles Excerpt

Malia's Miracles Excerpt

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Children & Teens, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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C.S. Lewis, Brandon Sanderson, Toby Neal

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Print Length

240 pgs


Julie C. Gilbert

Publication Date

November 1, 2016



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How much is one life worth? Cancer is killing Christy Roman's mother, and it will take a miracle to save her. A year ago, Danielle Matheson would have waited until the inevitable end and helped her friend mourn the loss. But now, she faces a difficult choice. She must decide whether to watch Susan Kilpatrick die or ask Jillian and her genetically Gifted siblings to help. But even if they manage to cure the cancer, nothing is certain, and the attempt would put them all at risk of discovery. After all, how can you hide a miracle? As Jillian, Malia, and Michio race to solve the cancer problem, new threats arise which jeopardize everything they're working to accomplish. And now Susan's life is not the only one in danger. The siblings themselves have been targeted. Will their Gifts be enough to save them, or will their choices cost them everything?

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This is Book 3 in the series. For your convenience, I'm providing a list of the books in order and the versions they're available in.Ashlynn's Dreams Shorts - a series of short stories set before the Devya's Children series (also separate from the prequel) (ebook, audiobook - Kristin Condon narrating)

The Dark Side of Science (free ebook, available on audio with Brian Troxell narrating)

Book 1: Ashlynn's Dreams (ebook, audiobook - Kristin Condon narrating, paperback)

Book 2: Nadia's Tears (ebook, audiobook - Kristin Condon narrating, paperback)

Book 3: Malia's Miracles (ebook, audiobook - Julie Hinton narrating, paperback)

Book 4: Varick's Quest (ebook, paperback)

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