Judy Teel : Shifty Magic

Shifty Magic

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May 2015



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Hunting a serial killer in a paranormal dystopian world.…

Abandoned at birth, Addison Kittner's been on her own since she was a kid--ever since the paranormal terrorists attacked cities around the world. Battling creatures that go bump in the night nearly destroyed human society. Good thing not all paranormals were evil and the terrorists were eventually stopped. Bad thing? Nothing would ever be the same again.

Now Addison makes her living as a private investigator and bounty hunter. One night she comes across a girl about to be killed by three rogue vampires. Addison kicks some vamp butt and saves the girl, but one of the vamps escapes. Just her luck, he turns up dead the next morning, inspiring the vampire leaders to put pressure on her to solve the case or take the rap. As if that wasn't bad enough, her ex-lover, werewolf FBI agent, Cooper Daine, approaches her and gives her an offer she can't refuse...a paycheck. Mixing business with lust is never a good idea, but neither is starving, so she accepts.

But as the body count builds, Addison finds herself embroiled in an ever deepening and dangerous mystery. One that leads her to something frighteningly personal. Her unknown heritage.

Editorial Reviews

"I read this book and I was very excited. It definitely had a lot of twists and turns and kept the imagination running. I am looking forward to reading the other books in this series. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a good read." --Katie Fink

"Vamps, werewolves, witches and ancient gods, all in one book, always makes for an interesting story. I like the lead female, she is strong, smart and independent, but she is also aware of her psychological failings when it comes to relationships. I sped read this book and now getting ready to download the next. I am looking forward to it." --Reader

"I really enjoyed this book. I think it is great to detective mystery and magic together. I think it works well. There is also lots of action in this book which helps keep things interesting. The heroine is bad ass in it as well." --Alysia

"Shifty Magic is a great combination read, no element was overwhelming
but all blended together well from romance, to mystery to the paranormal
element. I enjoyed that as I couldn’t quite tell which would be
stronger based on the synopsis and liked that it was evenly split. The
writing overall was well done." --Book Bliss book blog

"Judy Teel tells a heck of a story, that's for sure. Shifty Magic features Addison
Kittner as our heroine, narrator and guide in this dystopian urban
fantasy. Teel's world building is an easy 5 stars with Addison mainly
focused on the present but providing just enough detail on the past to
provide context all while avoiding the dreaded 'info dump.'

I subtracted 1 star because of my own inability to completely identify and
sympathize with Addison's inner monologue. Given that Addison is in her
VERY early 20's, that's not too surprising. Teel manages to capture and
balance the elements of a head-strong young woman, a street tough and
an emotionally fragile persona without making it sound like a giant
mish-mash of poorly done character development. There is a bit of a
romantic element in this book, but it's not a distraction from the main
story line and is well woven as an undercurrent." --Katharyn Taylor

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