Jen Webb : Returned To LIfe

Returned To LIfe

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Jen Webb

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On the night of September 9, 1995, I died twice. By the third time I was leaving my body again, I finally made it to a hospital where I was admitted into the Intensive Care Unit for a week.

It was a supernatural miracle, and the actions of Angels that saved me the night of my near-drowning in Rincon, Puerto Rico. The huge waves created at this surfing mecca, were even larger, and scarier than usual, due to a hurricane that had just left, and another on the way.

When I stepped into the surf at Sandy Beach before midnight, the water line had receded, like during a tsunami, which I knew nothing about. When I went down into the low surf, it was so far down, that when the monster wave hit, it swept me away, out into the fathomless, dark ocean.

Where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic is where Rincon is located. It is on the m

mid-western side of the island, where these two giant bodies of water meet and merge. It was there that I found myself drowning out in the middle of the never-ending angry ocean, until I knew the last wave of my life and death.

When it suspended over me, I left my body, and was taken to the other side during a near-death experience! I wanted to stay in the space I was taken too, where I was awash in God's Unconditional Love. As I was floating to Heaven, the wave descended on my head, and knocked my spirit back into my body. At that very moment,

I felt a hand grab me out of the wave that was sending me down to my watery grave. The moment I knew that I was being rescued by someone that had swam through the high surf, and battled the killer rip-tide, I died again.

After being resuscitated on the beach, I was sadly alive! All I wanted to do was to go back to where I had just visited a house of God!

It took many years, a spiritual quest, and basically homelessness, to figure out why God had made me return to life! When I found the many reasons that God wanted me to live, I also found a renewed faith that transformed my hurting heart into one of jubilee for the privilege of being alive!

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