JP Robinson : Twiceborn: Book 1 of the Secrets of Versailles Trilogy

Twiceborn: Book 1 of the Secrets of Versailles Trilogy

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Romance, Fiction & Literature

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267 pages




Christian Faith Publishing

Publication Date

October 14, 2017



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Everyone has secrets....but some secrets can kill.

Angélique, a sheltered young woman, gives birth to twins-Antoine and Hugo- who, though born at the same time, have been fathered by two different men.Twenty-five years later the twins fall in love with the same woman and the brewing rivalry between them reaches the breaking point.

Antoine, a successful captain of the French army but a man estranged from God, is accused of disloyalty to the state religion by his jealous brother Cardinal Hugo. He is given a royal ultimatum to prove his loyalty: betray the woman he loves or see his mother killed and family lands forfeit to the crown.

Meanwhile, Hugo weaves plans of his own which threaten to bring the monarchy of France to its knees, little suspecting the cataclysmic forces his actions will unleash. Rich in Scriptural allegory, full of unexpected twists and explosive action,Twiceborn is an epic drama of love, redemption and the power of God.

Editorial Reviews

  1. "When I finished it my first thought was, 'when's the next one coming out'?" -Rachel S., Reader.
  2. "Twiceborn had me on my toes guessing in suspense what was going to happen. It was exciting and I had a hard time putting it down. I kept finding myself wondering what would happen in each chapter when I was doing other things." Emma F., Reviewer
  3. "The power of faith and the power of love are the weights that balance the lives of two generations and two brothers." Bea G., BetaReader

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